Episode 4

EB Ranger Online

Mission 1

To dial in, use the top 3 "arrow" buttons to toggle the numbers to the left of the decimal and the scroll bars at the bottom to toggle the numbers to the right of the decimal.

Frequency: 531.537


Transmission Received

Jordan reveals that Madeline didn't make it...

They are still trapped in NACS. We need to refer to the blueprint we received in Episode 3 to find a path out for them.

She gives us a callback frequency:

  • 468.992

Mission 2


Frequency: 468.992

We must guide Jordan and Salvador to the exit of NACS using the blueprint we received in Episode 3.

The correct path is:

  • Keep Going

They encounter a locked door. 14 is the key code.

Using the biotech sketch from Episode 3, shift the code forward by 14.

  • 15-06-17-04-16-12 becomes 28-19-30-17-29-25

Audio 2C Solution

  1. 28
  2. 19
  3. 30
  4. 17
  5. 29
  6. 25

This code does not work. We must now use Theo's updated sketch that we received in this Episode.

Audio 2D Solution

  1. 18
  2. 15
  3. 21
  4. 17
  5. 21
  6. 15

The correct path is:

  • Hallway
  • Chapel
  • Keep Going
  • C Dorms

Jordan gives us a new frequency to call:

  • 479.659

Mission 3


Frequency: 479.659

We need to make our way to a safehouse at sector Q-9. Their current camp is at sector U-2.

Use a large map detail for sectors:


  • S-4
  • T-3
  • T-4
  • S-8
  • S-9
  • T-8
  • T-9

Use the small map detail for sector:

  • U-3

OMG, so MANY aliens!!! 😱

  • There is a Sentinel at R-2 heading east.
  • There is a Sentinel at R-9 heading south.
  • There is a Flyer at R-9 heading north.


The correct path is:

  • U-2 → V-3 → U-4 → U-5 → U-6 → T-7 → S-7 → R-8 → Q-9

Jordan tells us there are currently Burrowers at:

  • T-11 moving west
  • F-15 moving east

Once we have discovered Theo's location by deciphering his message on the biotech sketch, we can map our way from the safehouse to his location on the terrain map.

The correct path is:

  • Q-9 → P-10 → O-11 → P-12 → Q-13 → R-14 → S-15 → S-16


After discovering that Theo had carved some of the alien symbols into his own skin, she gives us a frequency to call her back:

  • 197.448