Episode 2

EB Ranger Online

Mission 1

To dial in, use the top 3 "arrow" buttons to toggle the numbers to the left of the decimal and the scroll bars at the bottom to toggle the numbers to the right of the decimal.

Frequency: 209.564

Dialing in the frequency immediately unlocks a voice memo from Jordan Kim.


Transmission Received

Jordan says she left us examples to crack the code (on her report). These are:

  • the expedition number (1783)
  • the set of symbols below her frequency number (209.564)
  • Jordan Kim
  • Jeremy Reid

Mission 2


Frequency: 103.432

This unlocks another transmission from Jordan.

She tells us to utilize our terrain map to find a safe route back to base for Jeremy.

She tells us in order to contact Madeline and Salvador's frequencies, the numbers must be shifted back by 1.

We must move Jeremy and the aliens at the same time.

If Jeremy is crossing a mountain/river or needs to stay put, we must double-tap the square he is on.

Frequency: 213.112 → 102.001

This unlocks a transmission from Madeline.

She has spotted 2 hunters, one in sector B-8 heading south and one in I-14 heading east.

Frequency: 322.113 → 211.002

This unlocks a transmission from Salvador.

It is hard to understand certain parts because of his accent. Using the transcriptions found under the Doc tab, we can gather that:

  • Jeremy is at a gas station in sector B-13.
  • We need to get Jeremy to the safe house in sector F-10.


Personnel File

We get "Oswald Shepard"'s updated profile...

*Goody! We get transcripts of the audio files (as we unlock them) for parts that are unclear.

Mission 3


This is where we can plug in directions for little Jeremy to get him to safety.

*😈Unfortunately, we can't kill Jeremy on purpose. Rats...

The correct path is:

  • B-13 → C-13 (x2 for river) → D13 → D-12 → D-11 → D-10 → E-10 → F-10

This unlocks an audio file from Madeline.

  • She says there is a hunter at H-16 moving north and another at K-7 moving west.
  • Jeremy can't cross any rivers or mountains today.
  • We need to get him to sector H-6.

The correct path is:

  • F-10 → F-9 (x2 for forest) → G-9 → H-9 → H-8 → H-7 → H-6

This unlocks an audio file from Salvador and Madeline.

  • Salvador says he's spotted a hunter at M-5 heading west, and another one at L-1 heading south.
  • Madeline instructs us to direct Jeremy to the home base at K-3.

The correct path is:

  • H-6 → H-5 → H-4 (x2 for river) → H-3 → I-3 (x2 for river) → J-3 → K-3

This unlocks the final audio file from Jordan.


This is a live feed showing the alien tower Jordan wants us to help take down.