Omega Protocol


Episode 5

NACS Facility

Username: A117


*Note that you MUST use A117 now instead of C117!


Personnel Files 

Council Profiles 

Clicking on "Laila Mariel Woods" directly opens up her file. 

  • It is not password-protected.




We can see the other members' votes and their reasoning for voting the way they did. 


Case File 


This is proof that the soil is degrading and will not be suitable to keep growing crops. 


This is a report of Simone's finding, concluding that the virus would no longer be a threat. 


This is the estimated time for survival if the lock-in were to occur.



The password is: 


*Oh, god, no! Not more binary!!!! Anything but binary!!! 

I cheated and used a website to decode all of this... lol. 

Once deciphered, the message reads: 

  • I will take PATRICIA. I know the trails. I know the outposts. With the right equipment I can build a terminal anywhere. My destiny will never escape me. No one was ready to see how beautiful my plan was, and so you live as captives under the rule of a broken PATRICIA. In case things go awry, and I am unable to bring PATRICIA back from the brink of chaos, use the following fail-safe key: Derrida, ending in the sum of Oswald's identity. We are all just numbers in the end.

"Oswald's identity" is the number from the FBI badge. 

Ending in the "sum" means to add all the numbers in Oswald's ID together by converting the letter to numbers. 

  • X = 24 
  • F = 6 
  • D = 4 

24 + 6 + 9 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 5 + 3 = 51 


Type in "Derrida51" to unlock PATRICIA. 

Doing so gives us a long thread of messages from Markson along with more binary. 

Once decoded, the message reads: 

  • "Please stop Markson. Let me help you one last time. Unlock the vote page with something you will never see again. Time is running out. There's a shadow hanging over me." 

The answer to this riddle is: 

  • yesterday


Council Portal 

The password is: 

  • "yesterday" 


  • "Oswald" interrupts Laila's message. He wins after all! Our vote was for naught! 

*I voted no. I did go back and vote "yes" just to see if I could. It was kind of saddening to see how heartbroken Laila was when she saw how we voted... Seeing "Oswald" in person made me kinda like him more... lol