Omega Protocol

Physical Items

Episode 4

 Biohazard Bag

This contains the instruments to conduct the immunity test for Laila. 

 Contact Letter

It seems Oswald is being detained for his little stunt with Persephone. 

  • He apparently gave Persephone a homing beacon to draw the creatures to her while on her final expedition. 

Oswald used Persephone as a pawn in his agenda to have a facility lock-down.

What an asshole. He hacked Alosha's secret database and locked him out. 

Electrical Schematics 

This was taken from Oswald's desk. 

According to the contact letter, Laila thinks these look like the magnetic lock for the door entrance. 

  • Was Oswald planning to lock down the facility even if the vote was against doing so? 


This was taken from Oswald's desk. 

For the number codes, use the date May 19, 2012 (05192012). Assign each number to the letters in order and shift backward that number of times. 

  • For example: I = 0 shifts to I, Q = 5 shifts to L. 


05192 012051 9201 2051 9201205 

Once deciphered, the message reads: 


The hints for the backward codes are: 

  • "beginning" 
  • "look at it backwards" 
  • "You look at me to see yourself." (use a mirror) 

The backward phrase reads: 

  • "the world. she is mine." 
  • "She is the catalyst that will change" 
  • "of my inevitable rule." 
  • "She is proof" 
  • "our rebirth." 
  • "the genesis of" 
  • "Survival. She is" 
  • "key to our" 
  • "PATRICIA is the" 
  • "If I do not succeed, the PATRICIA virus will." 

The phrases can then be read in reverse order: 

  • "If I do not succeed, the PATRICIA virus will. PATRICIA is the key to our survival. She is the genesis of our rebirth. She is proof of my inevitable rule. She is the catalyst that will change the world. She is mine." 

Is Oswald not who he claims to be? 

  • It seems he knew the real Oswald, then assumed his identity after an accident. 
  • He was trying to bring down NACS from the beginning, but then found PATRICIA who made his job easier. 

We are not able to decode the string of numbers on the last page until the final episode of Omega Protocol. 

 Password Card

This password card references Rule 12. 

  • This means to shift the letters backward by 12. 

Once decoded, the correct password is: 


PATRICIA Code Analysis 

Why would Oswald do this? 

  • Even if the lockdown comes to pass, PATRICIA will kill all the remaining survivors eventually. 

Public Announcement 

This shows that, despite Oswald's indiscretion, Mathias is still all for the lock-down of NACS and will stop at no end.

Test Strip 

These are to be used in conjunction with the vial and solution. 

If the test strip turns blue, Oswald is infectious. If it turns red, he is likely immune and does not pose a viral threat. 

I tested both strips just to see if they had different results... 

  • Both turned red, meaning Oswald's CG is above 50% and therefore is most likely immune to the virus. 

Tile Puzzle 

This was taken from Oswald's desk. 

The designs on the tiles match those on the schematic. 

I was unable to physically slide the tiles on my puzzle as there was a piece in the open spot impeding movement. 

  • Either shift the pieces mentally or on paper. 

Once placed in the correct spots, a code can be read: 


Vial and Solution 

Laila wants us to use the test strips with the solution to conduct a test of Oswald's immunity. 

  • Although she can't break protocol herself, we are able to. Yay!