Omega Protocol


Episode 3

NACS Facility

Username: C117

Password: jonassalk 


Personnel Files 

Council Profiles 

Oleksander Pavlo is now grayed out on Alosha's profile. 

  • This is the new hidden link for this episode. 
  • The password is "fortythieves". 



This is the redacted file (REDACTED.FILE.PDF) of the hacker that Oswald sent Alosha shortly before Day 0 of the apocalypse. 


Case File 


We can view surveillance footage. 

  • Shepard Oswald was the one to assist Persephone in leaving the compound unauthorized. 
  • It appears there is audio too, although I was not able to hear anything despite having my volume up all the way. 

Internal Recon 

Facility Map 

All but one room is denied access. 

  • Room 105A belongs to Shepard Oswald. 

The password can be found in other clues of this episode. 

  • The password is: 1439. 

Accessing this room gives us a live footage feed (SURVEILLANCE.DORMITORY.105A.LIVE). 

Scrolling all the way to the left and down, we can see a remote with a flashing red light and a string of letters and numbers. 

  • The letters and numbers are the same as on the emitter we received in Episode 1, which was retrieved from Persephone's body. 
  • Is this the same radio Persephone took outside with her? Why would Oswald keep it and not destroy it? 
  • He looked very suspicious in the surveillance footage with Persephone. Did he set her up? If so, why? 
  • He obviously knows more than he lets on. From Alosha's journal entries, I get the feeling he was a conspirator from the beginning, before Omega Protocol went into effect.


We learn how the A Class was chosen. 


When you feel you have found everything, type in "D4gob4h". 

Enter the file names separated by commas: 

  • Redacted.File.pdf, Surveillance.Entryway.mp4,