Episode 1

EB Ranger Online

Mission 1

To dial in, use the top 3 "arrow" buttons to toggle the numbers to the left of the decimal and the scroll bars at the bottom to toggle the numbers to the right of the decimal.

Frequency: 126.720


Transmission Received

Jordan is currently located at D-13.

  • This is merely the hunting camp of the survivors Jeremy found (or found him, as he puts it).

She wants us to find a path and deliver her and Madeline to the survivors' main camp once we find the location.

  • She hints that Jeremy's journal may provide us a clue.

She gives us a callback frequency for an update: 609.561.

Mission 2


Frequency: 609.561

Jordan deduces that the survivor camp must be south of their current location (D-13).

They must stop at a safe house along the way and spend the night.

  • There is one located at E-17.

Madeline gives us an update on the aliens:

  • There is a Hunter at G-14 heading west.
  • There is another Hunter at D-20 heading north.

If she and Madeline are crossing a mountain or need to stay put, we must double-tap the square they are on.

Mission 3


Frequency: 117.898

Yay! Theo (Oswald) is back!

*He sounds different. Wonder if it's a different actor.

Frequency: 334.727

R.I.P. Simone...

Theo is now on our side and he has a plan for disabling the alien tower.


The correct path is:

  • D-13 → C-13 → B-14 → A-15 → B-16 → C-17 (x2) → D-17 → E17

This unlocks an audio file.

  • She says there is a Sentinel at C-19 moving east.
  • There is corrupted terrain in sectors D-20, D-21, E-20, and E-21. Cover these squares with the large map detail.
  • There is corrupted terrain in F-18. Use the small map detail to cover this square.
  • She says there is a Hunter at H-24 moving north and another at I-15 moving south.

The correct path is:

  • E-17 → F-17 (x2) → G-18 x2 → G-19 → G-20 → G-21 → G-22

This unlocks an audio file.

  • We are now told to use the town map to guide them to the river.
  • They are on Poplar Street heading north.

The correct path is:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Keep going
  • Right
  • Cut through

This unlocks the final audio file.