You think the library used to be a church or something. It's certainly large enough, and the windows are long, though the glass in them has all been broken.

There is already someone here, pulling books off the shelves next to the "spiritualism" marker. He glances at the titles, then tosses them aside. As you watch him curiously, he seems to find what he is looking for: a large black-bound tome with, embossed in gold on the cover:

On the Turning of Undead


Perhaps it's time to leave.

But before you can turn to go he glances up and sees you. His face is tanned and determined, and his eyes wide with surprise, but he stands his ground and quickly flicks the book open to somewhere near the end. He strikes a grand pose, and makes a complicated gesture in the air with his free hand - and suddenly, you cannot move. Another gesture, accompanied by a few words of power that seem to reverberate around the draughty building, and -


It might not be perfect, and it might be anything but clean and tidy, but it works. The spell in that book turned you, alright. It turned you into a fine layer of gray paste, all over the walls...

Eh, at least the world will be saved from zombies by Brave Blow-up Bloke.