1. Veronique and Madeline were Jewish. 
  2. The story took place in an Auschwitz concentration camp. 
  3. An SS man fell in love with Veronique. 
  4. Veronique decided to use the SS man's love to help Madeline and her children. 
  5. Veronique made a deal with the SS man by voluntarily giving herself to him. 
  6. Doctors experimented on the children. 


Veronique was a Jewish girl, imprisoned in an Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. An SS officer stationed in the camp fell in love with her, but she kept rejecting him. One day, her sister, Madeline, was brought to the prison with her children. Veronique decided to take advantage of the SS officer's feelings. They made a deal, Veronique would voluntarily make love with him, in return, the officer would make sure Madeline and her children stayed alive. And though they were not killed, the children were passed to Auschwitz doctors, who were performing horrible experiments on children. Madeline lost her mind, knowing what was happening with them.